A Message For Parents, Teachers, and Coaches: Stop Blaming Kids

I’ve been coaching basketball for high school kids and I’m coming to realize, being in high school is really hard.

They have their parents telling them what to do…

Stop passing so much in the basketball game.
Go pick up your sister from her friends house.
Do your homework.…
because I said so

At school, the teacher steps in.

Don’t write it like that.
Study because there’s a quiz next week.
Read this play by a 16th century British guy who you should care about… because I said so

At basketball practice, the coach yells.

Play defense!
Run the play we told you to!
Pass the ball…

Nowhere in a kids day does the parent, teacher, or coach show them why.
You do it… because I said so.

Perhaps worse, rarely do we take the time to ask kids… “What do you want?”

So it’s not surprising when kids are confused, when they drive drunk, when they become addicted to drugs. It’s a rare opportunity to make a choice for themselves.

It’s funny when the adults complain about the way “kids act these days” when those same adults are the ones who raised them.


Old Man Clemens blames those “damn kids” for his problems (in this case,
poop on his shoe), but he’s the one who raised those “damn kids.”

Next time your hanging out with a kid…

Try treating them like an adult.
Get their opinion.
Ask “what do you think?”

They might be surprised that someone cares.

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