About Me – Will Boucek

I’m from Memphis Tennessee. I graduated college in May 2011 from Birmingham Southern College where I played tennis, majored in math, and minored in Computer Science and Physics.

I fell into a job as a computer technician that I was not exactly qualified for. There, I learned all things computers and got pretty good at troubleshooting. After a year, I left.

I went to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil for 3 months. Just backpacking around with a friend. Brazil was my favorite of the three. Then I returned to the states.

I moved to Jackson Wyoming – May 2012 -, where I had spent a summer during college. I was there for two and a half years working as an IT systems administrator for some hotels at the mountain. I learned how to implement and maintain IT systems for our hotels to help operations work more efficiently. I also learned to ski there. I quit and left Wyoming in October 2014.

I went to southeast Asia for 3 weeks with some friends, then moved to Chattanooga Tennessee. I started trying to build things online including several websites for businesses.

Then I got a marketing apprenticeship in early 2015 for an online business. I knew nothing about marketing. I worked there for 3 years traveling from Chattanooga TN to Medellin Colombia, then to Memphis TN, and finally moved to Austin TX. In the 3 years I worked there, I helped the online business grow 4x.

I now live in Fort Worth, Texas and run a few tennis businesses.

  • Most of my time is spent on The Tennis Tribe where I help teach people how to improve at doubles, review tennis gear, and create other tennis content.
  • I also have a small tennis web design company called Tennis Tribe Marketing. We build websites for tennis.