Creating vs Consuming

I haven’t written on this blog since August.

I’ve been talking about starting up again for four months, but the resistance got in the way.

It took its most elusive form ever, and I didn’t realize what it was doing till yesterday.

You have to recognize not just what the resistance is doing, but how.

Old Resistance vs New Resistance

It used to be easy because, if I was eating Domino’s, I was giving in.

If I was watching my 7th episode of The Wire on Netflix in one day, the resistance was surely winning.

But this time it was different, and it’s taken me over four months to figure out how.

It’s Sunday afternoon, after having brunch with some friends.

I’ve got at least 4-6 hours to kill before dinner.

What do I do?

Dominos? Just ate.

Netflix? No.

Amazon prime movies? Maybe 1.

Oh here’s a good blog post on AI that has intellectual value.


Here’s a documentary on a Christian camp where they kidnap kids who are “troubled”.

It’s a documentary, that means it’s valuable.


Next, I’ll listen to this podcast with Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins about how to think big and change the world.


8 hours later…

I’m feeling okay.

Not a bad Sunday afternoon. I’ve added a lot of value to my brain.

I can now have an intelligent conversation about AI.

Also, I’ll check the Facebook real quick to see how many likes I got, or if anyone wants to discuss in the comments and look smart in public on the internet.

You see where this is going.

I listened to Seth the other day.

And then again last night.

He said he thinks everyone should blog, everyday.

I’m not going to do that, because it’s a lot.

But I am going to start creating more, and consuming less.

I don’t regret any of the podcasts or blogs I read, but it’s time I could spend creating something.

Maybe my own podcast, blog, or documentary.

I’m not sure where the balance is.

It’s probably different for everyone, but the resistance has swayed my scale way to far to the consuming side, and it’s stopping.

Because I see it now.

Next time I hope it doesn’t take as long.

But I imagine it will only get more difficult to see.

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