Change Your Environment, Change You

Who are you with?

Is it the same people you were with 5 years ago? Or 10 years ago? Or are you around a variety of people? Some new, some old. Do you have anyone in your life that you’re 5 years ago-self would think is weird? Or impressive? Someone they’d see you with and say “you’re hanging out with her!?!?”

Where are you?

Have you lived in the same city your whole life? Or do you move around, travel, and immerse yourself in different environments?

What do you do?

Are you still doing the same work you did 5 years ago? Or have you leveled up?

Do you have the same routine on weekdays? What about weekends? Or have you improved your habits?

Are you spending your free time doing the same thing you did back then? Have you picked up any new hobbies?

Do you go to the same restaurants, concerts, bars, events, meetings you always have? Or have you experienced a new tribe of people recently?

Do you surround yourself with movies, books, TV, and other content that you agree with? Or are you looking for the other point of view? Trying to see a new angle? Curious to understand?

One person is growing, learning, curious, appreciative, grateful, expanding their worldview. The other is hiding, judging, blaming, coming up with excuses, confirming their pre-existing beliefs.

Of course we all have a little bit of both persons inside us. But we can choose to become more of the former than the latter. So the only question that matters is this…

Who do you want to become? Or better, who do you want to want to become?

Much credit to Seth Godin, and the question at the end from Sapiens.

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