How a Cab Ride Expanded My Comfort Zone

You can feel the brisk cool air blowing your hair back from the cracked window of the cab.

The driver zooms through intersections as if he’s the only one on the road.

He almost is.

As you look down at your phone, it says 4:16 AM.

He pulls over to drop you off.

You look out the window to see several cars pulled over, and about 20 people on the curb, just sitting there.

He looks back at you and says something you don’t understand.

You look up at the meter, 4320.

You hand him 5000 pesos, say gracias, grab your bags, and step out onto the unfamiliar street.

Then it hits you.

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Go North

There’s this river.

It’s not a normal river though.

It has 4 directions.

North, south, east, and west.

At each end, delicious fish foods await.

The Early Fish Years

In the early years of the fish the river only had one direction, east.East Fish

So all fish went east for their food.

After many fish centuries, a few fish, looking for more than the same fish food to the east they had been consuming for generations, created a new channel to this river.

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The Grizz Theory

If you know me, then you know I’ve been a Grizzlies fan most of my life.

Especially this team that has gone to 5 straight postseasons, man they’ve been fun to follow.

On Monday May 11, the day of game 4 against the best team in the world.

An idea popped into my head.

I didn’t want to believe, and still don’t want to.

But I think it might be true.

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Chicken Or Beef

A lot of people eat primarily, maybe even exclusively, chicken or beef.

Few people eat chicken and beef.

It makes sense that you’ll like one a little better than the other.

It depends on a number of factors.

What the lunch lady cooked in high school.

What your parents served you growing up.

What their parents served them.

Maybe your genetics are such that you lean one way or another.

Did you have a Chik-fil-a or Burger King near you growing up?

Either way, everyone naturally polarizes to one side or the other, chicken or beef.

I think that’s okay.

But I’ve noticed something else that’s a problem, I believe, among extreme chicken eaters and extreme beef eaters – popularly referred to as the ECE and EBE.

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The Unknown Path

I had two choices.

Leave or stay.

What would I be leaving for?


To move to Chattanooga.

Where I’d be unemployed.

And I’d live with my grandfather.

What would I be leaving behind?

A job I liked.

I had an awesome boss.

$46,000 a year.

I had been there over two years.

I liked everyone I worked with.

The flexibility was great.

I got to take ski breaks.  No one with a “real job” gets ski breaks.

I did.

Hmmm… staying sounds better doesn’t it.

I didn’t.

I left.

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My Antiprediction of the Future

Let’s start with a quiz that everyone fails.

Imagine a piece of paper.

Now fold it.

It’s now 2X thicker than the original piece.

Fold it again.

Now it’s 4X thicker.



Say we do that 47 more times.

How thick would the piece of paper be?

As tall as the tallest person on earth?

The height of the Empire State Building?

Tim Ferriss guessed from earth to the moon.

All of those are wrong.

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